Each Apple user is excited to download and set up the newest iOS in supplying, ever considering that its launch in September there are actually positive testimonials. This does makes a great deal of sense to iOS 7 developers who have come out using the most significant change after 6 years.

Nevertheless, even following this there are a few issues that still may possibly annoy a user about this new OS by Apple. There are actually some compact glitches that happen to be just as popular as any other technical trouble but these do have to have instant fixes too. For all those that have currently downloaded the latest version and for those who’re seeking forward towards it, here is what they have to have to understand.

iMessage Trouble

The problems with the iMessage is the fact that the messages are usually not properly delivered to a recipient. Some customers are facing this problems of not receiving messages and delivery failure around the part of sender. This trouble has come to surface as a result of the newest version of iOS. Even immediately after sending a message customers see a sign of non-delivery or a red exclamation mark that indicates message not delivered.

This challenge is smaller nevertheless it cannot be overlooked as it does bring about user annoyance and aggravation. Apple is asking users to refer to troubleshooting documents. they’re able to also seek assistance from AppleCare relating to this concern

Troubleshooting strategy

Until you are not supplied the appropriate option to this problems the most beneficial issue to perform should be to power your iPhone off and after that turn it back on.

Animation Trouble

It does not matter if you’re making use of an iPad or an iPhone there may be troubles related for the animations. You could be annoyed with all the sudden modifications in the animation though concentrating on the game. Technique going berserk in switching involving zoom in and out is not only a discomfort within the eyes of the user but also causes dizziness. This indeed is anything to fix as while focusing on a single image is hard to maintain if the object is like a moving car or truck or even though reading content material that right away zooms out.

Troubleshooting Process Visit Settings->General-> Accessibility-> Cut down Motion, this can finish the trouble of zooming.

Low Battery and App Logout

It has normally been in order that every Apple user at a single time or another complained about battery drain difficulties. This difficulty has been so ever since the iPhone 4S; it appears that this problems still persists within the most up-to-date iOS version also. The batteries drain out faster with this most current OS version. It truly is quite probable that the battery will not be apt for running apps and performing other tasks in the very same time.

An additional factor that troubles a lot of the customers is sudden log out from apps which are operating. Apps like Mailbox and Snapchat are providing difficulty of sudden app logout problems.

Troubleshooting technique

You can effortlessly fix this difficulty; Settings->General->Background App Refresh Solution, from here on you could pick out which app should really maintain running and which should be disabled. Apps running around the background often consume battery, now you have got a option. Furthermore for app logout difficulty you just require to refresh the app.

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